Important 15 questions to ask your cardiologist

If you have managed to identify a good cardiologist and are lucky enough to book an appointment at the earliest with the doctor the next step is preparing for the consult. It is crucial to spend time with your cardiologist to better understand your diagnosis and treatment options if recommended.

HelpingDoc identifies a list of questions you should consider asking your cardiologist on your visit.


Questions one should ask from cardiologist

  1. Firstly check with your doctor the possible causes for your symptoms?
  2. Identify the cardiac diagnostic tests that are available and which should you take?
  3. The best lab to get the specified tests and how much will they cost? Ask about procedures like angiography/stent/valve replacement in depth?
  4. Whether you need to consult a heart / cardiac specialist?
  5. Ask your cardiologist the name of your diagnosis called and what are possible long-term effects?
  6. It is important to discuss the treatment options in detail.
  7. There is no harm in asking what is the ‘least treatment’ you can do for now?
  8. On the other hand, check with your cardiologist ‘the most treatment’ you can do for your condition?
  9. Consider asking whether the heart condition is genetic andfamily members should also be tested?
  10. Be open about if you are a candidate for heart surgery like bypass or valve replacement?
  11. Ask about holistic alternatives to cardiac medication therapy or surgery and their credibility?
  12. It is good to check if there is any education material on heart condition you may take home to review?
  13. The most important question to ask is identifying an emergency moment like angina or heart attack?
  14. Do not hesitate to ask what if the recommended medication does not work orsymptoms worsen?
  15. The most important discussion should be on lifestyle modification.

 Make notes and ask the cardiologist to specify all instruction in clear write up.

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